criminal neglect

Stick to your knitting

Dear Prime Minister,

Peter Dutton is spreading his malice and incompetence beyond the extensive realm you have given him. His repeated statements opposing marriage equality are not only wrong and completely inappropriate but have been made in such insulting, demeaning language which expresses not only his homophobia but his misogyny. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not fit to hold any position of responsibility. Remove him to the back bench.

For the 122nd man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Hamid Kehazaei died from a treatable infection because DIBP staff deliberately prevented his treatment. There are ill men on Manus Island now who cannot get proper medical treatment and they are afraid that they will also die. How can you say that the prison on Manus Island saves lives by deterring boat arrivals when Australian bureaucrats run it so badly that the prisoners die there?

Bring them here