For the 209th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Behrouz Boochani wrote this message today:

"Today the movie 'Chauka Please Tell Us The Time' will show at the Refugee Alternatives conference at UNSW. The movie was made on a mobile phone from inside the Manus prison. It is a movie against colonialism and the ongoing racist thinking that underpins it. Yesterday I was able to give a short speech in the conference about artistic works and how it's important that we record the history of Australian prisons in artistic language. I also talked about the 'Manus' play and my co-operation with the artists who produced it outside of the prison. I hope to see you in the conference today. I'll be watching from Manus island."
Behrouz Boochani

The play, 'Manus', is currently being performed in Tatre Shahr, the biggest place for artistic works in Tehran (Iran), It was made on the basis of longterm research about what is happening in Manus Island and Nauru and is directed by Nazanin Sahamizadeh.

A work of art can last for ever, Mr Turnbull. Here are two such works, a film and a play, both telling the world about Australia's inhumanity. We want a new plot for these characters and a different judgement for Australia. Close the camps and bring them here.