Refugees are welcome

Dear Prime Minister,

While Australia continues to inflict torture and refoulement on the refugees in our 'care', other countries welcome refugees and work for and with them to strengthen their whole communities, their economy and their future.

Makers Unite and The Refugee Nation have teamed up to create new job opportunities for refugees and unite people around the world with a powerful symbol of support. Makers Unite is hiring refugees to create flags out of life vests worn by refugees themselves who have traveled to Greece.

Why do you prevent us from having these benefits? Change your rhetoric, change your policies and let Australia welcome and be enriched by refugees and asylum seekers.

End offshore detention #232

Dear Prime Minister,

While the interminable nightmare of Australia's offshore detention regime torments the men, women and children trapped on Manus Island and Nauru and while it poisons Australia legally, politically and spiritually there are artists and activists striving to create new ways of celebrating the arrival of refugees and sharing their voices.

This is what we need, Prime Minster. Refugees and Australians are in this together and we need an end to the nightmare. We need the people like the Harmony Art Collective and their project of creating large-scale murals with newly arrived migrants and refugees to restore hope and community.

Close the camps and bring them here.

For the 169th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Here is another message to Australia from a detainee on Nauru.

A message/drawing by  a detainee on Nauru .  Photograph: David T Young/ Penny Ryan

A message/drawing by a detainee on Nauru.

Photograph: David T Young/Penny Ryan

What is your hope, Prime Minister, for this person who is at our mercy?