Peter Dutton

On behalf of the 273rd person in offshore detention

Dear Prime Minister,

Manus island police commander David Yapu, local politician Ron Knight and the refugees themselves all contradict Minister Dutton's fabrication about what happened on Good Friday at the Manus Island detention centre. Who is taking responsibility for the safety of the Australian employees and the refugees there? Why have you not sacked Minister Dutton yet? 

End offshore detention. Close the camps.

Dear Prime Minister,

Your Immigration Minister continues to lie, to hide the CCTV evidence of the Good Friday attack on Manus Island, and to jeopardise relations between Australia and Papua New Guinea. Three refugees have lodged a formal complaint with Wilson Security, DIBP and the PNG Immigration authorities.

Please sack Minister Dutton immediately, close the camps and bring them here.

End the lying. Close the camps

Dear Prime Minister,

It is urgent that you hold Minister Dutton to account. His statement about the cause of the PNG navy firing shots into the Manus Island detention centre on Good Friday totally contradicts all statements made by the people who were there including PNG police and navy, as well as the refugees themselves. Minister Dutton's statement is calculated to inflame relations between the Manus people and the refugees and is sickening in its implications.

As Behrouz Boochani has said:

Local people and refugees are both victims under this harsh Australian policy.
— Behrouz Boochani,

Prime Minister, if you condone Minister Dutton's statement then you are provoking violence between two disadvantaged groups to play to the worst racist tendencies in Australia. Why? To save your sinking popularity? Surely we can not go any lower than this. Close the camps. Bring them here.

Stick to your knitting

Dear Prime Minister,

Peter Dutton is spreading his malice and incompetence beyond the extensive realm you have given him. His repeated statements opposing marriage equality are not only wrong and completely inappropriate but have been made in such insulting, demeaning language which expresses not only his homophobia but his misogyny. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not fit to hold any position of responsibility. Remove him to the back bench.

For the 221st man on Manus island

Dear Prime Minister,

Refoulement is illegal.

The Nepalese Asylum seeker who was "involuntarily removed" from Australia's offshore detention centre on Manus Island and returned to Nepal is in hiding, in fear of his life. He did not know he was going to be forcibly returned until it was happening.

Prime Minister, your Immigration Minister and his department are acting illegally. Stop pretending that this is a matter for Papua New Guinea and take responsibility now. Close the camps and bring them here.

For the 196th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

On 17 August 2016 'J.C.', Director ABF Ministerial Correspondence Section Support Group - ABF wrote to me about conditions for refugees on Manus Island:

All transferees at the Manus RPC receive clinically indicated health care, broadly consistent with Australian public health standards.

Yet in this week's Senate committee inquiry into abuse, self-harm and neglect in offshore detention it is revealed that the clinical opinions of doctors are regularly overruled and that refugees wait months for medical treatment. Most tragically, Faysal Ishak Ahmed was refused medical treatment at least thirteen times before he collapsed and died.

'J.C.' and other staff of DIBP lie about Australia's offshore detention regime. Minister Dutton lies. People are dying because of these lies. Sack Minister Dutton, end offshore detention and end the lies and the deaths.

For the 187th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of all immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and citizens of Australia I am afraid of the increasing power that has been given to the Immigration Minister. The minister can cancel non-citizens' visas for numerous trivial reason and without any proof of wrongdoing (in 2015-2016, the Immigration minister Peter Dutton cancelled 983 visas on character grounds). It has been reported that your government wants to expand these powers to punish non-citizens further. Our democracy is threatened when unchecked power can be exercised by an individual. When will you remove these powers from Minister Dutton and restore fairness and justice to our system of immigration?

For the 179th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of the 179th man on Manus Island, why do you continue to defend Minister Dutton when the audit office's reports of September 2016 and January 2017 show serious and ongoing failure of financial, service, and health and safety issues in the offshore detention centres managed by his department?

This audit [in January] has identified a recurrence of these, and other, deficiencies, which have resulted in higher than necessary expense for taxpayers and significant reputational risks for the Australian government and the department.

Significant reputational risks. That is indefensible, Mr Turnbull. Sack Dutton, close the camps and bring the refugees here.