Fatemah needs urgent heart surgery

Dear Prime Minister,

Minister Dutton and the Department of Home Affairs lies when he claims that all refugees on Nauru have access to appropriate health care. Cardiac specialists in Australia insist that 55-year-old refugee, Fatemah, needs medical treatment in Australia for her complicated heart condition OR ELSE SHE WILL DIE

Her teenage son is depressed and suicidal. She cannot leave him alone on Nauru. It is urgent that both mother and son are flown to Australia. They are our responsibility.

Epic Mould on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

Dr Cameron Jones, a microbiologist contracted by Transfield to assess the mould in the Nauru immigration centre, reports that the contamination was of ‘epic proportions’ and was a serious health hazard. Despite these findings showing direct impact on the health of Australian staff who worked there the report was covered up.

Who authorised the suppression of this report? 

The Department of Home Affairs is lying when it says that no-one has developed health issues due to mould exposure at Nauru RPC. Comcare has received a complaint about workers diagnosed with respiratory conditions caused by mould at Nauru RPC.

The article in the Guardian on 24 February details interference with the investigation, suppression of previous reports, prevention of investigators speaking with refugees, photographic evidence of ongoing mould infestations and long-term health problems for numbers of former staff.

The working conditions for staff in Australia’s offshore detention centre are Australia’s responsibility. The health of the refugees is Australia’s responsibility. Bring them all to safety and freedom now.

Refugees denied medical care on Nauru

And so in the end after multiple, multiple occasions with multiple patients where my medical advice was being ignored or overridden by a bureaucrat with no medical training, in the end I’d had enough and thought this is just disgusting.
I felt morally obliged to say something.
— Dr Nick Martin

Dr Nick Martin said Australia had a duty of care for the refugees it detains offshore and was lying when it said their healthcare was the responsibility of Nauru.

Refugees denied medical care on Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

Thirteen refugees who have been waiting in Port Moresby for months to receive medical treatment were dragged out of their motel at 3.30am on 23 February by PNG police and forced onto a plane back to Manus Island. Refugees on Manus have reported that there is no room for the returnees in West Haus but they have been left there even though there is nowhere for them to sleep. This is the second group of unwell refugees that have been returned to Manus without receiving medical treatment. The small hospital on Manus cannot provide anything but most basic health care and is often without drugs and basic equipment. This has been verified repeatedly by the refugees, by hospital staff, and by humanitarian agencies and other visitors. The Department of Home Affairs maintains the lie that health care is provided. Most urgently, refugees who need urgent psychiatric care are left untreated. At least two men have attempted suicide in the last week. It is only due to the constant attention and intervention by their fellow refugees that they are still alive.

Australia’s responsibility

Dear Prime Minister,

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (formerly DIBP) claims that the refugees on Manus island are free to settle in Papua New Guinea and that they are supported to do so by PNG services. Yet nine of these men in Port Moresby were abruptly arrested by police on 20 February and forced to the airport to be flown back to Manus. As the UNHCR said in January:

Neither Papua New Guinea nor Nauru are appropriate places for local integration for the majority of refugees and asylum-seekers, particularly given their acute needs as a result of prolonged detention and harsh conditions.

PNG does not even have a register of how many refugees and asylum seekers are in Port Moresby and on Manus Island.

These men are our responsibility. Bring them here.

Manus and Nauru unconscionable

Dear Prime Minister,

Refugees International president, Eric Schwartz, describes Australia's treatment of refugees as "leading a race to the bottom."

Is that your idea of a clever country, to torture and illegally imprison vulnerable people? People, who by their attempt to come here, had demonstrated the kind of commitment to Australia that many of the Australian-born could never match. All of that potential has been insulted and wasted. It will take years for Australia to redeem itself. Start now by giving freedom and safety to all on Manus and Nauru.

Trauma on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

Mina may have finally escaped Nauru for the USA but she will bear a lifelong cost of damage to her mental and physical health after nearly five years in detention.


"The torture inflicted on us (on Nauru) was worse than that in Iran."

And what about the more than 1000 refugees still trapped on Nauru?

Bring them to freedom and safety now.

No increased risk of boat people in NZ

Dear Prime Minister,

Your government's stance forbidding New Zealand from saving refugees from Manus and Nauru is indefensible. Minister Dutton, with his usual deliberately inaccurate innuendo, waffles about 'chatter' and 'incentives' to people smugglers. New Zealand's head of Immigration disagrees. He is in no doubt about the scale of people smuggling but says, categorically, that 'there has been no increase in the risk of people smugglers making trips [to NZ]'. If Australia had accepted NZ's offer of taking 150 refugees per year most of the men from Manus would be safe and free by now.

Amnesty now for all refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru.

On behalf of the 570th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

How does locking up the poet and humanitarian Abdul Aziz Muhamat make Australia safer?

Is been five years
All we need is reality
When and where ?

Is dark and gloomy
But I see so much light

Is negative and bad
But I see so much goodness

Is falsehood and deceit
But I see so much honesty

is ugly and hideous
But I see so much beauty

Reality may be changing slowly
Please try to see
Take a look together with me
— https://www.facebook.com/abdulaziz.adam.965/posts/2014620278803207

Bring all refugees and asylum seekers from Manus and Nauru to safety and freedom now.

Violence on Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

Manus Island has never been safe for the refugees. Yesterday, 16th February, there have been three separate violent incidents towards refugees. 

The first happened at the market in Lorengau as a refugee was walking in the rain:

Pakistani refugee Mumtaz Ali said a man ran up behind him.
”I thought that he wanted to share my umbrella with me,” he said.
”When I turned my face to him, he directly punched me on my face, on my right eye, right-side eye, then I fall on the ground and he started kicking me.”
— http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-17/manus-asylum-seekers-allegedly-attacked-by-png-soldiers/9456790
 Black eye after attack in Lorengau.

Black eye after attack in Lorengau.

In the second attack, refugees walking to hospital were accosted. Three locals tried to steal their mobiles. Refugees pushed them away twice. The locals tried again to attack them, a car arrived and the men were able to escape.

The third attack appears to have been organised by Australia. There is video evidence of the attack:

Ten PNG soldiers from Lombrum Naval Base attacked three refugees today. Two are seriously injured, one had his face bashed by the soldiers.
Local witnesses say that the naval personnel, who were not in uniform, were very drunk and were drinking from boxes of beer.
When local people stepped in to stop the attacks, the PNG soldiers told them that Australia had sent them to control the refugees in Lorengau Town.
— https://www.facebook.com/lynne.murphy.148?ref=br_rs

Which Australian ordered the PNG navy personnel to attack the refugees?

Why hasn't anyone been charged?

Why haven't the refugees' written complaints been addressed?

Strategic cruelty or incompetence?

Dear Prime Minister,

Is it Australian Government policy to withhold weekly allowances and phone cards from some of the Manus refugees currently in Port Moresby? Radio NZ reports that the refugees at Granville Hotel, who are waiting for medical treatment, have not received phone cards since Paladin Solutions took over the hotel's security. Refugees at two other hotels in Port Moresby, however, are still getting phone cards. 

It is vital that refugees can stay in contact with their families. Phone cards are a necessity. Yet again this shows the inhumanity of Australia's treatment of refugees. Bring all detained on Manus and Nauru to safety and freedom now.

Drip drip drip

Dear Prime Minister,

Could the process of transferring refugees from Manus and Nauru to the US go any slower?

22 of the more than 1000 refugees on Nauru left for the US this weekend. Daniel Webb says:

The tragic reality is that hope for a handful doesn’t end the suffering of those left behind. It’s great that these 22 people will tomorrow wake up in freedom and safety. But over 1800 others will awake to the same painful limbo that has confronted them every morning for the last four and a half years.
This dark chapter in our history does not close - this painful chapter in their lives does not end - until every single man, woman and child tormented on Nauru and Manus for the last four years is finally safe. Over 1800 innocent people - 150 children - have had four and a half years of their lives ripped away from them. It is the Australian Government’s responsibility to ensure they have a future.
— Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre

There must be an urgent solution to bring freedom and safety to the 742 men on Manus and the 1048 men, women and children on Nauru. Evacuate Now.

Demolition doesn't erase crime

Dear Prime Minister,

Behrouz Boochani reports:

The old prison camp that was closed on 23 Nov has been completely demolished. Some bulldozers are working there and have completely destroyed Mike, Delta, Oscar and Foxtrot compounds. There are only a few places that remain - P block which was built in the Second World War and was used to accommodate about 130 refugees for a year in 2013-14; and a few rooms in Foxtrot where the Sri Lankan refugees were living. Also some of the fences around Foxtrot are still standing but they are being demolished too. These parts of Manus prison that are being destroyed were officially known as “RPC1.” They are an important part of history and it’s unacceptable that they are being demolished because they should not be forgotten. There are many places on Manus with important heritage, like damaged ships from the Second World War, that the government is protecting. But they demolished Manus prison because they are also a part of it and don’t want the evidence to remain as part of the island’s history. You cannot wipe this history clean by destroying Manus prison camp.
— Behrouz Boochani

Suicidal child

Dear Prime Minister,

It has taken a Federal Court order to force the Commonwealth to save the life of a young girl. Health professionals, aid agencies, humanitarian organisations, advocates and refugees have struggled for years to get proper healthcare for the children on Nauru. Apparently Minister Dutton does not care if a child commits suicide.

Judge Bernard Murphy said:

The injury or damage the applicant may suffer if an injunction is refused — death or a further serious deterioration in her health — carries far more weight in the balance than the wasted expenditure the Commonwealth may suffer if an injunction is granted.
— http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-09/nauru-refugee-to-be-transferred-to-australia-over-suicide-risk/9416276

Sack Minister Dutton. End offshore detention. Bring all asylum seekers to freedom and safety now.

Allowances withheld from refugees

Dear Prime Minister,

The PNG ICSA and Australian Border Forces are now using a new tactic to provoke and make the guys lose their temper by discrimination.
What they are doing is, giving some facilities to some guys and not for the rest. For example last week some refugees been paid 500 kina allowance of COPP program, which they used to participate in COPP in Lombrum camp.
Some refugees have not been paid the allowance of 500 kina although they have participated in the program. They are eligible to be paid the 500 kina allowance.
Refugees are already suffering with trauma stress and this issue really deteriorating their mental health. The intention of management is to cause conflict, to make the refugees lose their tempers and to weaken them.
— https://www.facebook.com/eyesonoffshore/posts/1990494254553510

Is it Australia's strategy to try to provoke violence among the refugees by withholding the allowance of some? Or is it Australia's incompetence?

Truth about Manus accommodation

Dear Prime Minister,

On Dec 7 2017 the Senate endorsed an Order for the Production of Documents related to health, safety and building construction provided by contractors at West Haus Lorengau, PNG. Senator Stirling Griff, who made the order, has been concerned by the disparity between your Government's claims that the West Haus accommodation was complete and mounting evidence to the contrary from refugees, locals and visitors such as UNHCR and Tim Costello.

But your Government responded by saying it would provide none of the documents because it could damage its relationship with PNG. Senator Griff is right. It is urgent that we know the truth about conditions and services for refugees on Manus. Secrecy damages PNG and damages the refugees and Australia.