On behalf of the 1st person on Nauru.

Dear Prime Minister,

In the ongoing art project titled 'All We Can't See', artists are invited to select one of the more than 2000 incidents reported in the "Nauru Files" and make an artwork in response. I will use my letters to you to remind you that these reported incidents happened to vulnerable people in our care, most of whom are still suffering under the same conditions now, 4 to 5 years later.

28 September 2014
Incident: Threatened self-harm
Downgraded: Unknown

CW [REDACTED 1] and CW Manager [REDACTED 2] were having an extended conversation with various men who had stitched their lips together, with the assistance of TIS interpreter [REDACTED 3]. During the conversation a small crowd gathered and at approximately 1400 hours [REDACTED 4] entered the conversation and stated that people in the camp are very desperate. [REDACTED 4] explained that he is aware of a plan for at least 15 people to complete mass suicide by using fence posts (star pickets) as skeweres to stab themselves in the heart. [REDACTED 4] stated that he is not aware of the date for this plan. [REDACTED 4] stated that definitely more people will stitch their lips
— https://allwecantsee.com/incidents/sca14-0806/
Jamie Priesz: https://allwecantsee.com/incidents/sca14-0806/

Jamie Priesz: https://allwecantsee.com/incidents/sca14-0806/

Artist: Sara Tabaku https://allwecantsee.com/incidents/sca14-0806/

Artist: Sara Tabaku https://allwecantsee.com/incidents/sca14-0806/


In my first letter to you I asked that you respect the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights especially Article 14 (1) which states "Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." When will you?