End offshore detention now. #345

Dear Prime Minister,

Stefan Armbruster's report for SBS is another account of the dire situation of the refugees on Manus Island as the camp is demolished around them.

'Really it is not safe for me. I fled my country because I was persecuted and the locals don't want us to stay here,' said Shamindan, a Tamil from Sri Lanka.

The possibility of asylum in the US is another unknown. Australia's $70 million out-of-court settlement has given no sign of freedom and as Naeem, a refugee from Pakistan, says:

'Money cannot [give me] back the four years of my life that I have lost, without committing any crime.'

It is a testament to the character of the detainees that there has not yet been any violent resistance under this extreme provocation.

Prime Minister, answer Behrouz Boochani's question:

'When will we leave this island?'