Imminent danger on Manus island

Dear Prime Minister,

On 23 June, Lynne Murphy wrote:

Australia’s puppet colony of PNG continues to place dangerous and illegal pressure upon refugees to [either] participate in their own refoulement back to persecution in their own countries, [or] move to a place known to be unsafe for refugees and where they face persecution and attacks with critical, life-threatening consequences.
— Lynne Murphy
Notice from PNG Immigration 23 June 2017

Notice from PNG Immigration 23 June 2017

At the same time, a young refugee was attacked and seriously wounded by some PNG men.

Prime Minister, as the local police chief, the local parliamentarian and the detainees on Manus Island themselves have repeatedly said for the last four years, PNG cannot resettle the refugees and they can have no safety outside the fences of Manus RPC. These men are Australia's responsibility. Bring them here now.