Raw sewage

Dear Prime Minister,

Once again the local Manusians have blockaded the West Haus and Hillside detention centres. Raw sewage from the centres is running downhill onto the Manusians' properties. The Manusians have had their land used against their wishes, have not been paid for the land, and now have sewage from the incomplete, dysfunctional buildings making them sick.

The local people are complaining about the hygiene situation because it is making people sick. The new camps are very close to small villages and make the life hard for people there. It’s a problem created by the government and the government should take responsibility.
Manus Island has not a hospital with advance medical equipment and if people become sick there is not enough medical facility here to provide medical treatment for them.
— Behrouz Boochani

Australia literally shits on the Papua New Guineans. And the refugees are punished again.