Refuge for Hazara and Rohingya peoples

Dear Prime Minister

As activist Marilyn Beech says, 

EVERY HAZARA IS A REFUGEE. Hazara women, men and children have been murdered in their thousands in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Baluchistan. THIS is why thousands of Hazara people wait in Indonesia for Australia to honour its role in regional resettlement of refugees, and why there are hundreds of Hazara people in Australian immigration detention.

Australia's forced returns of Hazara refugees to Afghanistan is illegal and violates a primary principle of human rights law, non-refoulement, which even countries who are not signatories to the UN Convention on Refugees observe.

Prime Minister, the work you must do now starts with bringing all refugees on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia, and then must continue with resuming our refugee intake from the camps in Indonesia and Malaysia, where many Hazara, and Rohingya, are trapped, waiting for refuge.